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Ready to start making sourdough bread? In this beginner’s sourdough bread class, I will teach you my laid-back approach to making delicious artisan bread at home on any schedule and at any skill level. Classes currently held in-person in Morgantown, West Virginia and Cleveland, Ohio. No dates currently scheduled. For private classes email me at [email protected]. For more information on my online class go to


Ready to start making sourdough bread? In this beginner’s sourdough bread class, I will teach you my laid-back approach to making delicious artisan bread at home.

In the sourdough class we’ll cover topics like:

  • Caring for and feeding a sourdough starter
  • Baking sourdough bread on a busy schedule
  • Learning to read your dough
  • Troubleshooting and so much more

All participants will take home a mature, 100+ year old, sourdough starter. Plus, you will get a digital pdf with recipes, sample schedules, an FAQ, and access to my private mentoring group.

For more information regarding classes, click here.

Sourdough Kits

rattan banneton proofing basket with a danish dough whisk, bread lame, bench scraper, and bowl scraper inside on marble

Take home a specially curated sourdough kit with all of my favorite bread making tools! Each of the items included in this kit are tools I use daily to make sourdough bread. Kits are available for local pickup only and can be picked up at the class. Shop here.

Sourdough Bread Class Testimonials

“I really wanted to learn how to make sourdough bread but I was so intimidated by it. Luckily, Emily made it so simple and doable! She walked me through every step so well and really broke it down in a way that seemed manageable. Emily answered all my crazy questions and had so much patience with me. She makes her class in a way that any person can conquer sourdough and make it taste amazing! I just made my first loaf and I feel so proud and accomplished, all through her help!”

“I took this class about a year ago and have kept up on my starter and have made many many loaves of sourdough and I absolutely love love love it. And so does my husband. Emily does such a great job in the class teaching how to make sourdough and take care of your starter. I can’t speak for someone who is experienced with baking and sourdough making, but as a complete beginner, very successful class to learn what you need to to make sourdough that turns out and is so yummy!!”

“The best classes I have every taken. So welcoming and educational. Definitely makes sourdough easy to understand. I am excited to make my own sourdough bread.”

Online Sourdough Class

For information on my online class click here.

Refund Policy

Refunds for in-person classes will be offered up to 5 days before the date of the class.


Additional information

Sourdough Class Dates

March 9- Morgantown, WV, April 6- Vermilion, OH

4 reviews for Sourdough Bread Class

  1. LaDonna

    Thank you so much, Emily! This was really wonderful and gave me some great ideas to get going again. I’m excited to try your methods and keep at sourdough!!

  2. LaDonna

    Emily is amazing!! She has stuck by my side this entire time and gone way above and beyond what she should to help me as I learned. I cannot say enough about her. Take her class or purchase her online class. You will not be disappointed! Don’t give up!

  3. Michelle

    Thanks to Emily I have made my first loaf of sourdough and it was delicious! Emily is a wonderful teacher, she takes you step by step and simplifies the sourdough process which I have always felt overwhelmed by. And if you have questions just email her she responded to any questions I had. Highly recommend in online class!

  4. Jean McAvoyJohnson

    If sourdough has been intimidating this class is for you. Emily give great tips, and visuals.

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