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When I started making sourdough in 2019 I felt so overwhelmed by all the sourdough tools. I had no idea what I needed and which brand to get. Now after years of testing products I’m sharing all of my favorites with you.

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14 Sourdough Tools to Make Your Life Easier

There is not much you HAVE to have in order to make delicious sourdough bread at home. However, having the right baking tools to make sourdough bread can definitely make your life easier. These 14 tools are all things I use on a regular basis and that I highly recommend having if you plan to make sourdough bread frequently.

A few of my favorite things

Sourdough Tools

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Online sourdough class

A no-stress approach to sourdough. Set yourself up for success with clear, concise explanations and easy to follow recipes for making artisan sourdough bread. In the class you’ll find:

  • 2 hours of step-by-step videos visually showing each step in the process
  • A copy of my eBook All Roads Lead to Sourdough
  • Dehydrated sourdough starter (if in the USA)
  • Access to my private mentoring page for one-on-one support
wheat stalks scored on sourdough bread with linen cloth underneath on a wood background