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Whether you’re a sourdough pro or a newcomer to the world of sourdough—I’ve got you covered! I totally get it; the sourdough scene can be a bit overwhelming with all the info out there. Some make it seem like making good sourdough is a full-time job! But here’s the scoop: I’m here to teach you my no-stress approach to sourdough.

Whether you accidentally skipped a feeding, let the dough sit a bit too long, or missed a step, I’ve got a little secret for you—my family still happily eats all my sourdough mishaps. So, let go of the stress and enjoy the simple pleasure of making and eating delicious homemade bread!


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Bake Bread

Once you have an active starter you are ready to bake bread!

If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss recipe, get started with my Simple Overnight Sourdough Bread Recipe.

Or if you’re looking for an easy sandwich loaf recipe check out my Sourdough Sandwich Bread recipe.

For step-by-step videos of the entire process from making and caring for a starter to baking a loaf, check out my online class. The class also gives you access to my eBook All Roads Lead to Sourdough and access to my private Facebook group for additional support from me. Plus if you live in the United States I’ll send you a dehydrated sourdough starter for free.


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